Armstrong Connector Trail Work Day was a success

TAMBA trail day volunteers

We had 29 TAMBA volunteers contribute about 150 hours of labor this past Saturday. The projects we worked on included banking and stone armoring two of the upper flat turns, armoring a seasonal creek crossing, and also closing some wide lines while fixing the flow on the main lines of the trail. Generous support was given by Sprouts with huge sandwiches and bag lunches and Tahoe Trail bars. There was also a free post work beer-b-q for everyone. Huge thanks to the LTBMU USFS for supporting the work day and also having 4 crew leaders present and providing all necessary tools and equipment. Allowing mountain bikers to work on the trails we ride is an amazing opportunity, so please mark your calendars for our next trail work day on August 20th, which will probably be on Toads.

Tahoe Today TV interview

Watch the Tahoe Today TV interview with Tamba and USFS. Discussions include the July 16 Trail Day, and future projects

Trail Day on Armstrong Connector – Join Us!

Armstrong Connector Trail

What: Trail Day on Armstrong Connector

Where:Upper Armstrong Connector Trail, meet at 9am at the bottom of Corral parking area

When: Saturday July 16th from 9am to 4pm.

Bring: Long sleeves, pants, sturdy boots, gloves and a friend to also pitch in

TAMBA now has a Volunteer Service Agreement (VSA) with the USFS and this will be our first official trail building day. This is a huge step for us as mountain bikers. Please help out on July 16th to build armored berms, strengthen the sandy loose areas of trail and identify where to build in additional features on the top portions of Armstong connector. Depending on the number of volunteers we have showing up a crew may also be sent up Armstrong trail to fix what winter has destroyed.

Sprouts will be proving sandwiches for volunteers at lunch and TAMBA will be providing beer at the end of the day. Show up at the main bottom parking lot of Corral (just past Saxon Creek bridge) at 9am and we’ll then shuttle to the top to start the trail work.

This trail day is the first of our monthly build days under our VSA with the Forest Service – we need your help on these trail days, even a few hours of volunteer time will go a long way. Also, if you have ideas for additional trail work and locations please email us. In the works are potentially Toads, Tahoe Mtn Area, Star Lake, etc…

Email confirmation or questions to: or RSVP

Corral Design Day with Hilride and USFS

Corral Trail South Lake Tahoe Mountain bike trail

Existing features on lower Corral Trail

Mikey Asprey

Existing feature on Upper Corral

Overall a lot of good ideas were generated last Saturday June 11th on adding more features and flow to the bottom section of Corral Trail.  About 20-30 riders participated throughout the day demonstrating riding techniques on the existing trail and critiquing existing features.  The data collected will now be used by Hilride to produce a complete set of construction drawings that can be built from.  Features to be included will be new log rides, hip jumps, berms, and a separate jump line on the straight away.  Look for more info and trail building dates later this summer.



Corral Trail Design Day

What: Corral Trail Community Design Workshop #2

Where: USFS building at 35 College Drive in South Lake Tahoe

When: June 11th, 9am

This Saturday is the much anticipated return of Hilride to South Lake Tahoe to follow up on the ideas that were given this past April for added features to lower Corral Trail. Below is the agenda as provided by Hilride & USFS. By all means please show up to support this great opportunity that the Lake Tahoe Basin USFS has made possible and give your input. Be sure to bring your bikes and riding gear – Corral is riding great right now.

Meet at USFS Office 9AM
9-10AM Workshop Part 1- Trail Analysis Overview
Review Project Overview and Goals
Review Field Workshop Goals
Review Workshop Process
Carpool to Corral Trail

Meet at Corral Trailhead 11AM

11-12PM Workshop Part 1- Trail Analysis Preview
Meet at Corral Trailhead
Shuttle to top of Upper Corral Trail
Descend Upper and Lower Corral Trails
Objective- Establish basic trail characteristics, features, speed, flow, basic inventory of features, and ground truth map.

1-3PM Workshop Part 2- In Depth Trail Analysis
Regroup at Lower Corral Trailhead
Shuttle to top of Upper Corral Trail
Descend Upper and Lower Corral Trails

Objective-In depth analysis of Lower Corral Trail to establish specific user speeds and flows that will inform the design and planning of new and modified trail features.

3-4PM Workshop Part 3 – Trail Analysis Review
Regroup at Lower Corral Trailhead
Shuttle to top of Upper Corral Trail
Descend Upper and Lower Corral Trails
Objective-Review trails metrics, analysis and proposed trail features, placement, speeds and user flows, etc. to build group consensus.

Workshop Participants

Participants should come prepared to ride with bikes, clothes and equipment, plus additional layers of clothing to stay warm while talking.
Participants are encouraged to bring vehicles capable of carrying multiple bicycles, in addition to cameras, and lunch for the day.
Hilride will be providing Clif Bars for the entire group.