Tahoe Trail Conditions – Updated April 8, 2014

Corral Trail - March 16, 2014

Corral Trail – March 16, 2014

April 8, 2014 – After some snow to start off April, the below trails are melted off again.

As of March 16, 2014 - One of the driest winters on record in Tahoe means we have an early mountain bike season starting up.  Warm temps, sun and a low snow pack mean we’re riding trails like Corral, Powerlines, Cedar, Sidewinder along with all the new Tahoe Mountain and Angora Trails (although many of us have been riding those all winter long).  I’ll spare you any commentary on weather, but the hope is that posting the mountain bike trail conditions will jinx us and bring at least a couple more wet and snowy storms before summer.

If you don’t see a trail listed that’s because it’s either still covered with snow or we don’t know the conditions.  Please spare us questions like “when will Toads be clear” – if you want to know the status of your favorite high country trail, ride up from the bottom and check it out.  Right now conditions are almost 2 months ahead of normal, which is crazy.

And remember to keep the single track single on your early season rides, do not ride around snow patches or mud – move downed braches out of the trail, and walk over any downed trees, then let us know where they are.  And watch out for those ice patches still!

South Shore:

-          Powerlines: Clear

-          Lower Cold Creek: Clear with some ice patches past the Powerlines bridge

-          Railroad Grade: Clear with some ice patches and puddles

-          Corral: Clear with some ice patches, gates are still locked at Oneidas

-          Sidewinder: Clear with some ice patches

-          Cedar: Clear with some ice patches

-          Tahoe Mountain (new trails): Clear

North Shore/ Truckee:

-          Tahoe Donner: Some trails are clear

-          Sawtooth Ridge: Clear with some ice patches

-          Lloyds / Prosser Dam: Clear

-          Emigrant: Clear


If you have additional trail condition info to contribute, please email to: info @ mountainbiketahoe.org


Also, Here’s some more riding options nearby :

* Genoa, NV - There’s about 12 miles of newly built single along with a new connector trail up to the Rim Trail near the Bench.  Only a 25 min drive away from South Lake Tahoe.  For a map check out the Carson Valley Trails Assoiciation, this volunteer group has done an amazing job getting these trails built, support them! MAP HERE

*Reno, NV – Plenty to ride out by Peavine and at the base of Mount Rose (Whites Creek and Thomas Creek).

*Pinenuts, NV – On the east side of the Carson Valley, there’s a ton of trails for dirts bikes, mtn bikes, and horses, get some gps tracks first or you might get lost.  It gets hot and dusty out here in the summer, but time it right in the winter, spring or fall and the riding is really fun.

*Auburn, CA – Perennial Favorite for winter riding, about 2 hours drive from Tahoe.

*Sly Park, CA – Just off highway 50 near Placerville, there’s some good loops out here.  Only about an hour from South Lake Tahoe

*Downieville, CA - A true classic.  More info on the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship page.

Fat Biking the Flume Trail, December 2013